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Chania, Crete

Crete Holidays Greece – Chania Holiday Packages

Chania is the capital of Crete’s most western province, the second largest town on the island and arguably the most beautiful city on Crete. Divided into a number of areas, the old part of town is a mix of colorful old Venetian mansions and winding laneways.

Labyrinth like and evocative, bright and crumbling, it is a city for adventurers and romantics. Built on the remains of the settlement of Kydonia, Chania has a huge history.

Archaeologists have found bits and pieces of Linear B tablets, similar to the Rosetta Stone, that indicate that the city was sophisticated and important with wealthy inhabitants. In World War II the city was home to many allied troops and it was savagely bombed. Thankfully, much of the old town survived, and with cautious, considerate restoration, the city remains true to its Venetian roots.

The old town is centered on the Venetian Port, a maze of narrow streets, colorful lanes and restored mansions, some of which have been converted to exclusive hotels, others transformed into restaurants, shops and bars.

Chania’s most noticeable tourist attraction is the lighthouse that greets visitors as they enter the port. The fortress to the west of the harbor is imposing, standing high over the port. The Splanzia, to the East of the old town is a muddle of narrow laneways and little squares, the perfect place to wander around. The town also has excellent archeological and naval museums, as well as the site of Ancient Kydonia to the east of the city.

There is also an excellent covered food market with an amazing array of delicacies for sale. Around the prefecture, there is plenty to keep the independent traveller occupied.

For the history lovers, the ancient sites of Polymnia and Falassama to explore. There is also many small towns, both seaside and inland, where one can discover the more traditional parts of Cretan culture.

For those interesting in trekking and walking, the Samaria Gorge on the southern coast, now a national park, it is one of the natural wonders of Greece. A full trek around the gorge can take anything up to eight hours, but the cliffs that start in the mountains and trail down to sea level are one of the highlights of any visit to this region.

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