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Milos Island

Milos Holidays Greece – Milos Holiday Packages

Milos is a Greek island which is found in the southwest part of Cyclades, half way between Pireaus (Athens) and Crete. Its most characteristic feature is the magnificent gulf, providing a natural harbor, which is possibly the largest in the Mediterranean. This combination, with the island’s vast mineral wealth has a major role in the history, economy, culture and development of the island’s society. The place is separated in eight regions – villages, located in the flat northern part of the island.

In ancient times, Milos main wealth was its mineral resources. Development has been achieved faster than the close by island because of the black glass like volcanic rock named Obsidian which was exported and used for construction of tools and weapons from the beginning of the Bronze Age until around 1000BC.

Milos is almost entirely a volcanic island. There are no words to describe the colors and the natural beauty one will experience on this island. The morphology of the place, the coastlines, the gulfs, the cliffs, the gorges, the hills, creates a unique geological phenomenon. At this point it is worth mentioning some geological features which are a direct result of the island’s volcanic nature.

Firstly the two extinct volcanoes; the one at Firiplaka on the south coast which has an impressive and well preserved crater and the other on is at Trachylas at the northwest part of Milos although only a small part of it remains. Apart from the volcanoes you will find geysers at the east and southeast and as well a number of hot springs some of which are spas.

Milos is an island full of bays and amazing sandy beaches, with crystal clear waters. Dozens of beaches all different from one another. The shape of the island it’s over 70 miles coast extension with sandy beaches all around the island and inside its gulf. Most of them are easily accessible while others are only reachable only by sea, reason to be isolated even in crowded periods. What distinguish each beach from the other are mainly four factors: the colored rock and landscape around it, the different material: sand or small stones of various volcanic materials, the color of waters due to the sea bed of nature and the depth of the waters. The many rocky formations will also stisfy divers, snorkelers and fishermen.

Milos has a typical Mediterranean climate with a lot of sunshine during the hot months of the summer and few rainfalls during the mild winter.

Milos is famous for the various bakery delicacies like little pies made of dough, cheese, onions and mint. Also the local round wheat bread is delicious and known all over Greece.

WHY MILOS? Top 5 reasons to visit

  1. Milos has to offer extremely beautiful natural landscapes due to the volcanic formation of the island.
  2. Famous for the archaeological importance and the “Venus de Milo” the unique statue which was found on a field and it’s now homed in the Louvre museum.
  3. Ideal for the ultimate relaxation and experience the natural hot SPA springs.
  4. Camping, Scuba diving and relaxation.
  5. Affordable budget.

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